Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunday Training

Nothing too strenuous planned for today and in any event time was short. Nice walk first thing with Lorena round our local haunts and then a steady session on the slopes of Mt Ventoux before going to see dear old Mum on Mother's Day.

I'm not sure how I manage it but I always seem to manage to plan my Ventoux sessions harder than I actually intend to, I suppose things never seem too hard when you are sitting at the PC scheduling a workout but it's a different matter when you start doing the work!

Anyhow, the session went fine, I'd planned for a TSS of just over 60 and that's exactly what I got and my CTL target for the week has once again been hit and thus far the build is going well. Currently running with a TSB approaching -20 which is about as low as I like to go but so far I'm feeling fine, long may it continue.

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