Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tuesday (not) Training

No training for me today as I decided to take a rest day, my last day of complete rest was a week ago today and things seem to be going Ok currently with a six training days per week schedule. The reason I'm doing things this way is because when the Tour de France ride comes round in July the option to take a rest day every few days will simply not exist so I may as well be well and truly ready for the challenge of a "very few rest days" schedule.

As the spring arrives and the weather hopefully improves I'll continue with my 6 days a week plan but will be increasing the proportion of the sessions done on the road and limiting the VeloTron sessions to those sessions where I want to really nail the intensity for specific periods and these sessions are often best done indoors. On reflection I felt pretty good on Monday's commute and I'm now starting to enjoy my road riding again, it's been a good plan for me to use March as a transition period and I think one which I would repeat in future years.

As part of my Tour de France build up I am planning to do a mini stage event at the end on May, the 27th to the 30th and I'm just starting to plan this now. My plan is to put four really good solid days of riding together and ride a circular loop linking 4 100 mile days. This will be my version of the pros going out to ride part of thr Giro in preparation for the Tour de France and I'll then have a month to wind down a bit before blast off in July.

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