Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wednesday Training

Today's training was a bit of fun, a "virtual commute" :-)  I commuted to work on Monday but today I didn't have the time to do the ride both ways so instead of this I generated a .erg file from the power data from my ride in on Monday and rode that today on the VeloTron, it worked a treat! Now, if I stuck a video camera on my head I could play the video at the same time as the .erg file, now that would be realistic. Hmm... all I'd need then would be someone throwing buckets of cold dirty water at me to complete the realism of the experience ;-)

I did have some problems a while back doing this using the data from my Garmin 705 linked to the PowerTap but with a little (Ok, a lot) of help from my mate Mark Liversedge I'm now up and running and have a good robust system for generating .erg files from outdoor rides as and when required.

The good news in all this for CompuTrainer users is that after July, if I make it, I can make available .erg files for each stage of the 2010 Tour de France and then over next winter you can do your winter training by riding the entire route and you can suffer just as I undoubtedly will. Am I generous or what!

In general all is going well, I keep trying to sort out one or two little details about the trip so that there is no last minute panic at the end, well, no more than usual anyway.

To review the data from the session: click here.

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