Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thursday Training

Decided today to hit the road again as the weather has now warmed up a bit and there is rain on the way so thought best to make the most of a dry day. Didn't stray too far from home but did some very worthwhile efforts during the ride. The route I used was a simple local loop of about 15 miles and I did two circuits of it.

When I ride this route I generally try to keep the lap times for the two laps as close as I can as this is good training in terms of pace setting. This went well today with the two laps being well within a minute of each other time wise and with the second lap being marginally quicker than the first.

This is a good little route, as you can see below even though it is short it includes several significant ascents, the longest of which is over a mile. The 2 laps of the route include over 2500' of ascent which is a lot of climbing in a ride which only lasted an hour and 40 minutes. I think I will convert the power data from this ride into another .erg file which I can then "enjoy" indoors at my leisure on the VeloTron ;-)

The TSS for today's ride came out at 118 with a NP for the ride of 258W which I was happy with, at an average HR of 144BPM. The nice thing about the ride is that it was done on my winter bike, heavy clothes etc. and I still felt as if I had plenty of go in my legs.  Even though I am taking little time off by way of rest days, my adaptation seems to be progressing Ok, it's just a matter of trying to stay well and of sticking at it for the next 3 months. Blimey! 3 months, that's not long!

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