Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday (not) Training

Ah... this is the life, a rest day :-) Last week was a good solid week and finished it with 2 good brisk rides at the weekend so it's time to put my feet up. I think my current TSB is around -26 so definitely time for a day off to let that bounce back, certainly to above -20 anyway.

The good thing is that at the moment my recovery is pretty good from my sessions and I'm now training about 6 days a week which is pretty close to what is going to be required in July. This is taking into account the rest days and the time trial days which I intend to ride at an enjoyable pace, but only because I won't have a time trial bike and pointy helmet with me,as I am sure you will understand ;-)  No, those days are days, if the weather is fine, to be savoured and to be used for active recovery, whilst of course riding the TT courses.

Just keeping at it, don't want to let things slip now, it's easy to allow that to happen when things get close, the foot must stay on the gas.

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