Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday Training

Another really good ride today and I seemed to have recovered well from yesterday's day in the hills. As you can see my mate Dave suffered from one of the usual delights of cycling round the Northumberland cart tracks. Don't worry, I did help him out, after I had taken the photo! ;-)

Generally very pleased with how today went and felt absolutely fine going out for a walk in the hills this afternoon with some friends of Lorena's, a generally pretty active day, it's been great.

Another week of training done and again I have managed to hit my training load increase with a CTL rise of 3.5 this week though that will drop off a little in the early part of next week.

So, all currently on track, and not long to go.

Ride Time: 03:36 hh:mm
Ride Distance: 63.55 miles
Cumulative Distance: n/a miles
Elevation Gain: 3222 feet
Average Speed: 17.7 mph
Average Heart Rate: 136 bpm
Maximum Power: 741W
Average Power: 195W
Normalised Power: 239W
Intensity Factor: 0.784
Variability Index: 1.23
Work Done: 2528kJ
Training Stress Score: 221
Acute Training Load: 112
Chronic Training Load: 85.5
Training Stress Balance: -16.2

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