Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thursday Training

Back on the ErgVideos today with another go at the Adirondacks Club Ride ErgVideo which went very well. The session was designed to deliver a TSS of around 80 which it did which is just above my current CTL, still trying to maintain an upward trend.

At last the weather forecast here is a bit spring-like and I'm hoping for a good little CTL boost over the next 3 days. Looks like there might be a small group of us out for a good tempo session on Saturday which would be good, plan is not to go too hard and to see where our endurance lies at the moment after a couple of hours at a decent pace. We'll probably ride a local 17 mile circuit a couple of times and depending how we feel 3 circuits is on the cards.

Been doing a few sums, I reckon that my FTP is around 300W at the moment and I'm almost 52 years old. That means that in 18 years I'll be 70 years old, YIKES! If my performance declines, in power terms, at say 1% a year I'm going to lose 3W a year at least so let's be generous and say I'll lose 5W per year. A 5W loss each year for 18 years means I'll lose about 90W so in theory at least when I'm 70 my FTP may well still be about 210W. If this were the case I reckon that would still be sufficient to keep me moving forwards at a decent pace so that's pretty good news :-)

To review the data: click here.

ATL: 75.6 CTL: 73.1 TSB: -2.2

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  1. Quentin,

    Let's hope you have a couple more years of +5 watts.

    Just stumbled on your blog (through Google's FriendConnect), not sure exactly why (Joe Friel?). I'm a 44 yr old dad who is slowly warming to cycling and training with data (finally got a a wired powertap this year). Like you I have very little time, and data-driven training looks like the way to make training time count.

    Well carry on, knowing some guy named Quentin from Austin is reading your blog.