Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tuesday Training

Today's session saw me return once more to my trusty VeloTron and a much loved 45 minutes of power .erg file.

I still maintain that these are excellent training sessions which really help when it comes to recovering quickly from short hard efforts whilst still working hard. The short efforts in the session go up to around 350W and the "recovery" has to be achieved whilst still working at around 270W, which is something of a challenge to me at least.

Overall the session went well and I was pleased with it, just a matter of plugging away for the next 10 weeks and then I'll really find out if all this work has been worth it!

Ride Time: 1:06:19
Ride Distance: 24.5
Cumulative Distance: n/a
Elevation Gain: n/a
Average Speed: 22.2 mph
Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm
Maximum Power: 351W
Average Power: 242W
Normalised Power: 257W
Intensity Factor: 0.842
Training Stress Score: 78.3
Acute Training Load: 92.8
Chronic Training Load: 80
Training Stress Balance: -14.6

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  1. wow recovery at 270W is amazing! Nice training log

  2. Hi Whitarican, thanks for your kind comment and for dropping by. I did say "recovery" rather than revovery! It's hard work but it's EXACTLY what happens on the road. Most people can put in the hard efforts to stay with a group but if they can't recover fast enough to be ready for the next one they are doomed, that's my theory anyway! Cheers, Q.