Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday (not) Training

Photographs from Today:

Picture of Lorena trying to keep Harry The Cat under control round at Mum's house.

Another lazy day today on the cycling front but I'm pleased to say that my CTL is still up at 92 with a huge TSB of 30+. So, high CTL indicating good fitness and high TSB indicating a very rested state, ideal. Hoping to restart some steady training in the coming week but with work tomorrow and an evening dental appointment, followed by a trip to London on Tuesday things are not looking good, I'll just have to do what I can.

My stage preview blog posts are now finished and they will automatically publish on the morning of each stage and I'll be following this up with an evening posting of the events of the day, I hope!

All very close now, still lots of loose, but important, ends to be tied up but hopefully things will fall into place over the next few days. My biggest concern at the moment is with Sports Tours International as I am still none the wiser about where I am sleeping, let alone anything else!

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