Thursday, 3 June 2010

Thursday (not) Training

Yes, another rest day! Well, a day of catching up with things, doing some work in the garden, and then having a generally splendid time relaxing in the dentist's chair :-/ Still, best to get any little things attended to now rather than end up with some ghastly flare-up half way up The Tourmalet!

Weather today has been fantastic though the day got off to a pretty sticky start with a couple of unresolved issues but the people I am dealing with on the tour project (Skins and 1000Heads) came up trumps again and I think all outstanding issues are now well and truly in hand, things are now set fair for battle to commence.

It's mind boggling to think that after all this time in just four short weeks from today I will be tackling the 139 mile first stage of The Tour from Rotterdam to Bruxelles, now isn't that going to be fun for starters! Never mind, stage 2 is only 119 miles. Hmm... what on earth have I let myself in for? :-)

Back to the training tomorrow!

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