Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thursday (not) Training

No formal training for me today but certainly out and about on my bike, with John the video cameraman! We were really incredibly lucky with the weather which was just fantastic for the trip, it just couldn’t have been better. The only problem was this rather ugly old bloke on a bike sitting in front of the camera :-)

Anyhow, things went really well and John and I had a good time taking shots at various locations extending up through the countryside from Alnwick and as far North as the causeway leading out to Holy Island, in all we were out for about 7 hours, but I wasn’t riding all the time :-)

What amazed me about today was just how long it takes to professionally produce a video, even when the video is very short. As I mentioned we were out for about 7 hours and yet the final video, so John tells me, will end up being about 45 SECONDS long! When the final video comes out I’ll post a link to it here so that you can enjoy the fun as well as having a browse at the SKINS cycling and recovery range as I imagine it will be posted on the SKINS website.

Surprisingly tired this evening, must be the excitement of being in front of the camera instead of behind it!

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