Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wednesday Training

Beautiful poppies in the field just to the North of Warkworth, one of my favourite flowers.

The delights of sweet spot training today so that's work at 88-94% of FTP which is never particularly comfortable. As well as the session itself my plan was to do a blood lactate measurement to see what impact this period of rest has had on me, I expected to see a higher blood lactate level than previously for the same absolute workload and that's exactly what happened.

Previously at the end of this session I have recorded a blood lactate level as low as 2.6mmol/l but at the end of today's session the level was 4.6mmol/l, a big difference. There are many factors which could cause this but my feeling is that it relates to a drop in muscle enzyme activity as a result of some detraining and I am confident that this will quickly be reversed once my training picks up and of course during the ride itself.

This temporary change in my physiology was almost inevitable given my rest period and is a price I am quite happy to pay in order to start Tour de Velo fresh and hopefully well. I'll be doing some regular L3 and sweet spot training between now and my departure and I'll do a series of lactate tests to see if and how quickly things change, if indeed they do!

Oh yes, there is one more thing, even though my blood lactate reading was higher, my legs actually felt pretty darned good! ;-)

Ride Time: 01:10 hh:mm
Work Done: 959kJ
Training Stress Score: 76.8
Intensity Factor: 0.811
Normalised Power: 247W
Variability Index: 1.08
Ride Distance: 26.01 miles
Maximum Power: 286W
Average Power: 228W
Average Heart Rate: 149bpm
Average Speed: 22.3mph
Acute Training Load: 55.3
Chronic Training Load: 88.4
Training Stress Balance: 36.1

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