Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Final Cut Pro X - Chroma Keying

I decided recently to go back and have another go at the chroma key technique for replacing the backgrounds on video in an effort to make some of the bits and bobs I produce look a bit more interesting and also to make further use of some of the clips I have taken over the years as background material.

My plan was to keep it as simple as possible and I've just used a relatively small piece of green material as a backdrop (head and shoulders only at present) and a single soft light on a stand which is facing directly at me and is just above the video camera.

I know this isn't the ideal or "recommended" setup for really top quality chroma keying but I don't have the space, time or spare money to go down the route of a really posh setup so just wanted something cheap, cheerful and above all portable to allow me to at least experiment with this technique to see how I might make best use of it.

Anyway, I seem to have got it to work Ok, my first experiment is below.


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